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  • XGauze Trauma Dressing
  • XGAUZE is the only z-folded gauze that not only absorbs, but expands to stop bleeding.

  • Currently fielded by the US Military, XGAUZE has proven to be an essential asset to medical kits.

  • When in contact with blood or exudate, the impregnated minisponges expand to put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding.

  • XGAUZE features a radiopaque marker along one length of the dressing and a capability to absorb 400ml of fluid.

    Fast Facts:

    The only dressing that absorbs and expands
    Trauma dressing embedded with expanding sponge technology
    XGAUZE fills the equivalent volume of 3 rolls of leading hemostatic gauze
    Currently fielded by the US Military

XGauze Trauma Dressing

SKU: XGauzeBandages
C$44.99 Regular Price
C$31.49Sale Price
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