US Army surplus GENTEX HGU-56/P Helmet used by the U S Army in  Blackhawk Helicoptor. Helmet system offers modular engineering for Army or Air Force. The helmet’s enhanced design features a multitude of options to improve aircrew personnel fit, functionality, mission adaptability and essential head safety and protection.

Comes complete with dual visors, liner, mic, chin strap, earphones, plug in cord for coms,care and use booklet. NVG mount not included but can be added. NVG Quick-Disconnect Kit included.

Comes with FREE US Army issued Woodland camo  HGU-56 helmet bag.

Helmet is unused condition.

Size is small and has extra adjuster foam for earphones.



US Army Surplus Gentex HGU-56/P Small Helicopter Helmet #3

SKU: HGU-56SmallHelmet#3