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  • SAM Chest Seal Occlusive Adhesive Dressing-2Pc
  • The SAM Chest Seal is engineered to seal and reseal open chest wounds under the majority of circumstances.

  • After simple and quick application, SAM Chest Seal sticks relentlessly – in extreme heat or cold, and in the presence of all elements.


  • Medical professionals have long needed an adhesive strong enough to seal a wound covered in sweat, blood, hair, sand, water, and more.
  • The superior Hydrogel adhesive not only adheres under these conditions, but even after removed for venting, SAM Chest Seal will reseal the wound.

SAM Chest Seal Occlusive Adhesive Dressing-2Pc

SKU: SAMChestSeal-2Pc
C$43.00 Regular Price
C$30.99Sale Price
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