• Italian Army Surplus Kevlar SEPT II Combat Helmet
  • SEPT II model was built by various manufacturers: Sistema Compositi,Induyco S.A.,Riparnavi,Tencara,Monfrini and  by UK Co. RBR Armour LTD.
  • Kevlar/Aramid composition
  • Adjustable suspension straps
  • Harness straps vary, some are 3 point, and some are 4 point.
  • Chin strap with quick-release buckle
  • Comes with camo helmet cover:
  • Sizes available and cover it comes with:
  • S/M Comes with Marpat Helmet Cover
  • M/L Comes with Woodland Helmet Cover
  • L/XL Comes with Woodland Helmet Cover
  • L/XL Comes with 6 Color Desert Helmet Cover
  • Good used condition
  • Helmet may have some numbers and color bars painted on it
  • Some helmets have scratches and chips in the paint
  • May have some fading and discolorization from use
  • All have complete suspension harnesses, head band, chin straps and cat's eye straps.

Italian Army Surplus SEPT II Kevlar Combat Helmet

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