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  • Canadian Olive Drab Surplus Combat Pants-Unused
  • Surplus Canadian Olive Drab combat pants in the original material.
  • Material made in Canada, pants made in Canada.
  • Unused (new) condition
  • 65% Nylon 35%Cotton
  • Size:6434 are new style Cadet version.
  • Color varies from production year to year
  • Large button down flap covered leg cargo pockets
  • Some have double knee and butt material
  • Some have the leg /boot sleeve, some don't
  • Some have only right rear pocket
  • Some have no flaps on waist or rear pockets
  • Some have buttons for suspenders on the belt loops
  • Some have waist line adjuster straps
  • Some may have no Nato tags or cleaning tags
  • Size example Eg. 7044
  • First number is the Length: eg 70"
  •                    XShort 59-63" inch height (head to toe)
  •                    Short 63-67"
  •                    Regular 67-70"
  •                    Long 71-73"
  •                    XLong 75-76" 
  • The 2nd number is the Waist : eg 44"
  • Condition Grading: New Unused G+

    Canadian Olive Drab Surplus Combat Pants-Unused

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