• Canadian Army surplus 5 Man Arctic Tent Complete With:
  • Main tent, arctic liner, telescopic center pole, pole base, plastic pegs, metal spike pegs, and arctic tent bag.
  • All guide ropes included.
  • Repairs have been made on main tent.
  • Other minor repairs may have been made to tent or liner
  • Liner has stains that look like someone spashed coffee all over it
  • Main tent has a zippered inner and outer doorway.
  • Liner has zippered mosquito net doorway, that has been repaired.
  • Main tent has a zippered stove pipe opening.
  • Center top of tent has 4 vent openings.
  • Some tents may vary from description, depending on year of production and varitions that they have had.


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Canadian Army Surplus 5 Man Arctic Tent-Complete

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