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  • WW2 US Navy AN-6552 Leather Flight Jacket with Sheepskin collar
  • Made by American Sportswear Co.
  • Size 42
  • Top of shoulder width measurement on outside is 18.5in(47cm)
  • Sleeve length top of shoulder to cuff edge is 27in (68.5cm)
  • Only made for the Navy for 6 months in 1943
  • Zipper and all cuffs and lining were replaced.
  • After this was done the origonal tag and leather loop were sewn onto the lining
  • This has been done because nothing was left of the cuffs or lining, and the zipper because someone had replaced the origonal with a #5 Nylon zipper on the jacket
  • There is no rips or tears on the leather but could use conditioning
  • The pockets and collar are in good shape, buttons are origonal
  • EXERPT FROM: on AN-6552 Jacket
  • "Introduced in 1943 at the time the Type A-2 was discontinued, the AN-6552 Flight Jacket was intended to be designated as joint service jacket available to the Navy, Marine Corps and the Army Air Corps, the jacket replacing the Navy/USMC's M-422A and USAAF's A-2.
    There seems to little evidence that any were ever issued to the AAF and, as this model was only made for a six month period, very few AN-6552 jackets were ever produced making them among the rarest of an already scarce group".

Vintage US Navy WW2 AN-6522 Leather Flight Jacket

SKU: WW2LeatherAN-6552FlightJacket
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