• US Army Surplus Large Olive Drab Alice Pack
  • Version of Alice Pack without frame
  • Comes with shoulder straps and Emergency Quick Release straps,
  • Some may vary from photo slightly in color, and style of straps
  • Does not come with a waist strap
  • 18"x12"x6.5"inch (46x30x16.5cm) aprox.
  • Main pack without pockets included is 23 L compacity
  • Water-repellent nylon fabric
  • 3 Large lower outside adjustable strap pockets with quick open snap
  • Upper Alice straps/wire grommet hole for attaching either the old type of pouch (WW2), Alice clip, or Molle
  • Large velco map pocket inside top cover flap with long straps that can secure extra items to pack eg. sleeping bag or poncho
  • Top of main pack has cinch cord
  • Good Used condition G2
  • May have been repaired, may have some discolorization or fading due to use
  • Color and style may vary slightly from photo as each pack is a different shade due to manufacturing.

US Army Surplus Medium Alice Soft Pack

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